The current version of the GOP courts your death and the death of untold others. Am I making this up, the way Limbaugh, Hannity and O’Reilly conjure lies from the vaporous swamps of their fetid imaginations? No, I’m simply paying attention to what these people say they want to do once elected to office. Once installed, they will unspool their deadly policies on large swathes of the American and international publics. These people mean business, and it is essential that we understand what that business means.

First, the reactionaries want to end Medicare and substitute woefully inadequate vouchers for current medical coverage. This will lead to many people, mostly seniors, struggling without adequate medical care, adequate in the sense that those in Congress have the best health care in the country, but those on vouchers? The right is perfectly willing to see us fall ill and scramble for unaffordable health care, as they serenely watch while the mortality rate increases among those with medicare saving vouchers in their pockets.

How about women’s health issues, particularly reproductive health? The right wants to overturn Roe v. Wade and make all abortions in the U.S. and in the wider world unavailable. One wonders if these people are simply too young to remember the Supreme Court decision-making abortion legal. Do they recall the horrible illegal, unregulated, back alley abortions that permanently maimed and killed so many desperate women? It’s worse, much worse if they do remember because that means they are fully aware of this murderous history and they’re willing again to watch women die as a result of their Neanderthal policy. These cats want abortion illegal for pregnancy caused by rape or incest, they are even against it when the pregnant woman’s health may be seriously damaged!

Romney has said that one of the first things he’ll do on his first day as president is to sign a directive reinstating what Reagan and GW Bush had as policy before Obama rescinded it: the GOP will deny funds to all nongovernmental organizations that have as part of their health care for women around the world abortion services or even informing women that an abortion might be useful for their health. As in the past, many clinics around the world receiving US dollars will have to cut back their services or completely shut down.  Many of these ideologues cloak themselves in the robes of Christianity while espousing policies that will ineluctably lead to murder by neglect. That’s some Christianity!

Romney has repeatedly stated that he will, with the rights help, repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, the so-called Obamacare. Millions of people like me who have prior existing conditions that makes obtaining health insurance on the open market exceedingly difficult may well find ourselves once again without insurance. This is not to say that this act leads to the coverage of all of us, it doesn’t, but repealing it will be for many of our fellow countrymen and women a sentence to ever poorer health and for many, a sentence of death by, you guessed it, neglect. It’s as if Romney was channeling Daniel P. Moynihan  on “benign neglect.” Except, there’s nothing benign in the GOP plans for our health and well-being. Oh, he has his vague plans, but they will certainly not benefit the numbers of us who benefit under the Affordable Health Care Act.

Oh, the right isn’t done there! How about their mindless grovelling before the NRA? Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Right. I’m sure that crazy bastard who shot all those people enjoying “Batman” in Colorado would all be killed equally if that guy had five or six knives on him and no guns. Thousands of our fellow countrymen, women and children die each year from this wonderful Second Amendment. Once again these gun lovers will sit back and watch as thousands more of us die by the bullets that they don’t want to regulate. Murder, pure and simple murder.

Truth be told, the supine Democrats don’t offer much hope with this.

Shall we continue our little tour of right-wing murder?

Why not?

Does anyone really think that Romney’s goal of  adding 2 trillion bucks to the Defense Dept., money that the admirals and generals don’t even want, will be good for humanity? How many more wars will the right get us into? How many more of our youngsters will shed their lives for our global hegemony? Let’s face it, that extra money will lead to extra deaths across the world, especially in the middle east. Romney and the right know that our economic and cultural hegemony will be seriously challenged by the rise of Asia and that we’re going to need extra killing power if we’re going to hold these unwashed hordes in check. Obama is no better in this regard as he is stepping up our presence in that part of the world in recognition that as capitalism needs to constantly expand, we will need military might to cow competitors who have greedy eyes on our markets.

Of course the Democrats aren’t much better. In the quest for transparency I need to let those of you who haven’t yet figured it out, that I am a socialist, a dues paying member of the Socialist Party, USA. So the next couple of sentences are from a Marxist perspective on our economic/political system.  We have one ruling party with two wings: the republicans on the far right and the democrats just right of center. Ordinarily I would urge everyone to vote a third-party, but the republican wing will bring much more murder to the world than the present democrats.

Make no mistake about this, this election nakedly presents us with a wing of the ruling elite that courts death here and around the world. I know the democrats are not the greatest, but right now, they are not espousing death everywhere as the republican right is.

As student leaders in Paris in 1968 often repeated, “Be realistic, demand the impossible.”

It’s up to us to bury this clusterfuck from the far right.



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  1. When it is only criminals that have guns and your family is under assault from that criminal, (no criminal is going to follow laws on guns anymore then they are following any of the
    other laws! ) remember; you didn’t want the upstanding citizen who follows the gun laws to legally keep their gun, so as for you and your family being held under gun point, good luck!!! A neighbor would have come to your aid had he had a weapon that equalized the situation, but he didn’t, because you and others like you took his self defense away!!

    • left0089 says:

      How often have you been held at gun point? I’ve warded off two home invaders on two separate occasions without a gun. How often would you say that the law abiding have saved themselves with a gun? Do you think those incidents are as frequent as innocents being killed by guns? Look it up, doesn’t happen often.

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