My new column addressing policy changes in NYC can be read here.

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  1. Is this the result of Obamacare? The plan from the man that threatened to fire all the “Cattle Guards” in Texas in trying to coerce some cooperation from the beef industry. And don’t get me started on Bloomberg, the same guy who criticized his own liberal comrades for “allowing concealed carry in our State Parks where CHILDREN PLAY” evoking an image of armed citizens meandering around swing sets and slides rather than the actual wildlife parks and reserves where, in addition to wild animal encounters, a hiker could run into the drug cartel run criminal grow sites that will continue to litter our lands as long as the current federal prohibition remains intact! Great article by the way, got me all worked up LOL

  2. PS Had to copy & paste the URL to get to the article?? Also. ready for interview when you are.

    • left0089 says:

      Hey Richard

      I’m not sure when I”ll be able to get to you, there are a couple of stories breaking that my editor wants me to work on. Additionally, we are going to move back to downtown Chicago in a few weeks so I won’t be doing much writing. I’ll be in touch once we’ve settle.

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