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  1. Scott says:

    Dear Mark,

    You can add California to your list of states to watch, I don’t know what your experience has been in SF, But I have had trouble both in San Diego and Sacramento where it comes to getting my pain medication filled.

    I suffered a rather brutal fall years ago, after 18 months of physical therapy and grueling months of agony, workman’s comp acquiesced to allowing surgery. I had overnight success. I was free of both pain and medication for nearly 20 years. Then 18 months ago the nightmare started all over again. Another surgery, with less than stellar results left me in constant pain.

    I have been on a regimen of Norco (2 10/325 tabs every 4 hrs up to 4 dependent on pain level) since. This pain has recently become far worse as a result of a new job that has me on my feet up to 12 hours a day. I honestly felt like blowing my head off the first day.

    My new doctor (Inside the Kaiser Permanente group that’s a loose term) immediately handed me off to a “Pain management” group for “evaluation”. While talking it over with my new oncologist, he seemed somewhat surprised I would even bother since it is mostly injection and physical therapy. I canceled the appointment.

    When I phoned my primary to get my refill, I was given a response by a subordinate that the doctor would no longer be responsible for refilling my prescriptions.. I’ve got a call back into him now, this should be interesting.

    It’s bad enough to be faced with this constant grind of pain, all day every day. To be slapped with this “air” of a drug seeking fiend of some kind on top of things.. well it’s beyond humiliating. There is not a day that goes by that staying alive is not a conscious decision. All the little humiliations along the way can make that thread I dangle from awfully thin.

    I didn’t ask for this.

    • left0089 says:

      Would you be interested in being interviewed by me about this. I think it would make a fine story of what is happening in my former state of CA. My Look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

  2. Scott says:

    I sent you an email, absolutely – I’d be happy to.

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