Tea Party Treason

The intransigence of the Tea Party isn’t simply hard-nosed, right-wing politics. What the Tea Party is doing fits every definition of treason: They are trying to bring down our form of government. They want to replace our democratic republican form of government with a nihilistic dictatorship of the few for the oligarchs who fund them.

This is not gridlock as so often the media tries in their laziness and obsequiousness to corporate America tries to describe it. No, this is the attempt to overthrow what’s left of the democracy to which we so religiously adhere.

These people don’t really care about the Affordable Care Act. In study after study when the average citizen, including Tea Party voters, are asked about specific portions of the Act, they, to a great extent, say they would approve such a measure; such as, eliminating insurance companies from being able to deny you coverage because you have a prior existing medical condition, or keep children on parents insurance until the children reach the age of 26.

No, this battle is not about the Affordable Care Act. This is criminal behavior among a small coterie of elected Congressmen who are attempting to overthrow our republican form of government because they can not find a way to rule by normal electoral politics.

The evidence for this is found in the way republican dominated state legislatures have gerrymandered districts so that they will not have to compete with other elements– democrats, blacks and Hispanics who would be unlikely to vote for the GOP candidates, thus making these Congressman from these districts bullet proof. This, of course, allows these office holders to act as radically and as dictatorially  as they desire, knowing that their seats are safe among their white, Republican voters. In other words, referring to the checks and balances of electoral politics, these Congressmen face no credible opposition that might restrain them, thus, undemocratically, quashing any opposition.

Combined with new voter restrictions in red states, we have a perfect storm of treasonous behavior not only to diminish minority voting, but to overthrow the government in favor of right-wing white minority rule.

It isn’t even necessary for these radicals to literally oust sitting office holders. All they have to do to overthrow majority rule is to keep holding the majority under the thumb of constant threats to undo what government is left. In other words, constant, strategic political blackmail.

It isn’t, as we’ve witnessed in the last decades, for the right to hold onto this sort of power in perpetuity. No, all they have to do when they have been able to organize a significantly vocal and electorally stout enough opposition to threaten their leaders with loss of office at key junctures of our political life, they realize, with Democratic vacillation, that they have significant sway over the political process to undo any legislation the majority has enacted.

Personally, I think these treasonous office holders need  arresting and chargjng with treason–the attempt to overthrow the government. I don’t say this as an Obama supporter or a Democrat, I am neither. I say this as a citizen who abhors the hijacking of the only political process that we have.

These people are traitors.  We need to stop them in any way possible short of violence. Yet with the shut down of the government and the threat to not pay our bills, violence is what the court.

We should never give into this.

This is not politics as usual.

These people are serious, treasonous and need to be stopped at all costs.


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Columnist at American News Report. Pain care activist. Poet, memoirist.
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10 Responses to Tea Party Treason

  1. Hmmm, Mark … it is my opinion that since you and others who are not supporters of the President, justice, the constitution and fairness, you have chosen (by benign neglect to speak up for these positions) to put the US and us in this position. You have been duped … Thank You!!!

  2. Raymond says:

    Amen Dr.Rod

    • left0089 says:

      You got all that about me in three short sentences? Wow! I suggest you reread them and look in the mirror.

      Just for discussion sake, I’m not a supporter of this president. I think his turning this country into a surveillance state, his use of drones to kill Americans abroad the the death and destruction he reins down on the innocent, especially in Yemen are in contravention of the policies that came from the Nuremberg trials and the Geneva Conventions is truly staggering. Obama is, unfortunately, one in a growing line of our presidents who should be impeached and called to answer war crime allegations in the Hague. Have fun with this one, and I can’t wait what other of my characteristics you ferret out from these sentences.

      • Interesting insights…I’ve support all of our president as long as he does not distort and embellish intelligence for personal business. Why won’t a citizen of the US support the president? What is it about this president that is different from the others?

        All by himself the Prez can’t order surveillance of citizens? Besides the government has been snooping into our lives for a while. Dang, Amazon knows more about you and you life than the Government. Who do you trust more … they are made of of the same US citizens?

        Who truly authorizes killing abroad and actually here too. Killing enemies of the union should be carried out some how … a drone is just a niffy tool. A knife would have been cheaper.

        Then lets go back a couple of administrations to compare “crimes, lies and dereliction of duty” … let go back to Reagan.

        How does one begin the legal case to arrest and convict those who want to dismantle the Union?
        Radicals in the 60s were just rounded up and arrested or just burned, shot or pummeled to death.

  3. Sir, we have both been duped!

    Your tone is exactly why we are in this situation … I sense hate, all knowing, dismissive, grandiosity, self righteousness … “Me, I or You” don’t interest me.” I consider that a put down. LOL and that is what makes this fun and challenging.

    I did nothing to pour millions into politics and uphold that groups of donors with vast quantities of resources are “people” too.
    I did not pay for a grassroots coalition, use them as a puppet, to fight to keep my taxes low.
    I did nothing to help healthcare to be affordable and lie that it will destroy our union.
    I did not twist religion into a political stance.
    I did not conspire to fool the gullible that the president was not a citizen.
    I did not conspire to want to send him back to Kenya.
    I did not form a gang to “make” the president a one termer.
    I did not go to war and not pay for it.
    I did not by newspapers and TV channels and then pour foul-intentioned misinfo into the minds of the gullible.

    My orders are to find the truth or get as close to it as possible before I blame someone other than myself.

  4. So what is your plan to help?

    • left0089 says:

      This would admittedly be difficult but those disenchanted voters in each district with a tea party representative should start recall proceedings and everyone disgusted by this treasons behavior should lend a hand, if not money, to candidates running against the right wing extremists.

      But there is a deeper problem that I think also spawned the tea party as well as the Occupy movement. That is the ever increasing income gap in the US that is decimating the lower and middle classes. A very similar vicious split happened in the nation during the earlier period of a polarizing income gap. What seems to happen is that these groups like the two above come together and mistakenly attack each other rather than the oligarchy and its minions in public office. The Occupy group seemed to me to get it right, but we’ve seen what’s happened to them. We need to get $$ out of the election process so that citizens truly have an equal voice and an equal chance, by working together, to elect representatives who are not beholden to big, no, enormous, money. Until we can find ways to do that, things will only get worse.

      • Fascinating that’s is exactly what I would have said??!! The reason why the handshake started was to show the other party that you had no weapons. When you make a statement that “You” do not support this particular POTUS and then you seemingly “cherry pick” at his dubitable official acts, you leave yourself open to erroneous attacks.

        The job is incredibly difficult and I must say, Obama has been the perfect person for this job at this particular time in our Union.

        Did you hear about the fiscally Conservatives (McConn)and their billions in earmarks??!!

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