Assassination T-Shirts Amined at Gov. Cuomo

Cheap gunsels are now hawking t-shirts in NY showing guns and ammunition surrounding lettering saying “Cuomo’s gotta go.”

The cheap “law abiding” gunsels with their t-shirts skirting the edge of a call for the assassination, murder, of the New York governor shows just how law abiding these ignorant “defenders” of the 2nd amendment they really are. They are willing only to obey laws that they determine fit their stupidly warped “interpretation” of the 2nd amendment. We must keep in mind, it’s not the ignorant gunsels promoting this warped and false interpretation, it’s the ignorant running dogs for the firearm industry, who, arm and arm with reps of the gun and ammunition producers who interpret this amendment in the most extreme way that will never, ever broach any sane law(s) that have the capacity to injure the bottom lines on their P & L statements.

This is the unsaid mantra of these idiot gunsels from manufacturers, marketers, sales people right down to the “law abiding citizens” who own so many weapons: “Fuck injuries, debilitations, life long harrowing pain and disability, medical costs, murdered adults and slaughtered children, it’s our bottom line that counts & we’re really, really self-congratulatory that we’ve been able to whip up the passions of these half-witted gunsels to do our amoral wet work for us. We are a model of corporate America upholding our constitution.”
With the passage of “stand your ground laws,” concealed and open carry laws, especially here in downtown Chicago where I’ve safely lived, I’ve never felt such danger to my life since the confrontation during the Kennedy years with the Russians over their missiles in Cuba and ours in Turkey. Nukes and now assault weapons and large capacity ammunition holder for handguns. This isn’t hyperbole, I truly now feel threatened simply taking the elevator down to the street to walk around the corner to the pharmacy.
What about our rights for the pursuit of happiness. I feel no pursuit of happiness now, just a foreboding that one knuckleheaded gunsel after the next passes me on the street or waits behind me for my coffee at Dollops Cafe. And what happens this summer in my home town when gun play reaches it’s zenith each year? Will I feel safe walking just a few blocks with my wife to Millenium Park to listen to music with my fellow unarmed fellow Chicagoans? Of course not. Nor will you, unless you are of the class of “law abiding” weapon toting asshole gunsels, manfully carrying around your phallic weapons. I guess size really does matter, huh, Wayne?
Take a poll NRA and ask if we citizens now feel safer when borderline characters are running loose in public with death dealing guns. Any predictions, Wayne, on how many of us are going to not only feel safer, but be safer?
Mark Maginn, an emphatic life-long opponent of stupidity.

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