The War in the Gaza Strip Continues

The war in the Gaza Strip has fallen off the front pages as the racial strife in Ferguson has taken dominated the media.

But the crisis in Gaza has not let up. Cease fires fall apart with numbing regularity. While useless rockets are fired on Israel from the Strip the Israelis still respond with inhuman ferocity.

There’s little point to arguing over which side started this war. What counts in ending the violence which most likely means the end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. This, however, is, unfortunately, unlikely to happen as the Israelis will not stand down as long as they perceive the Palestinians to be a mortal danger.

One bit of reality the Israelis need to address is that with each of the last few wars against the Palestinians not one has included other Arab states coming to the aid of the occupied Palestinians homes in the West Bank or the Strip.

I believe at this time the threat against Israel is propaganda and no longer the real policy of the Arab states. If this is true, then the army of Israel could withdraw from their positions in and above the West Bank and simultaneously withdraw from strategic points around the Gaza Strip.

This, though, is unlikely to happen as the Israelis have, unfortunately, good reason not to withdraw until the Arab states and Hamas formally rejects this policy. It is my opinion that this has happened already on the ground, but it doesn’t penetrate the Israeli government mind set.

Those of us who desire peace for the Palestinians must keep the pressure on Israel while also pressuring the other side to formally renounce their intention to destroy the Israelis. I think that until this happens all peace talks will be nothing more than smoke and mirrors while the deadly conflict simmers along while time and again boiling over into murderous campaigns against the ill armed Palestinians.




































































Israel continues to point to the fact that Hamas and the surrounding Arab states are committed to driving Israel into the sea. This policy remains on paper and hasn’t changed. Yet with each uprising by the Palestinians is militarily ignored by the Arab states committed to the annihilation of Israel.

It seems to me that this policy of eradicating Israel is at this point a paper tiger. Yes, it would be of singular importance to the Israelis if the Arab states and the Palestinians were to formally renounce this doctrine. But my point is that this doctrine is confined to chest thumping speeches and to the paper on which this

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