There are, I certainly hope, good, fair, non-racist cops in America. But my faith in that is seriously eroding  as it should be for you.

Watch this clip:

I am sick to death of witnessing almost daily the brutality of cops all over our country. It is one thing to be sick of it, it’s another to recognize the racist brutality underlying it.

Yes we live in a security state that should be overthrown, but more imeadiately we need to reach out to our nonwhite brothers and sisters and help them resist the violent repression of our police departments. Yes, violent repression.

This along with the unconscionable court & prison system that decimates black and brown communities needs the attention of all of us, especially white America, of which I am a part.

We need to examine our own conscious and unconscious racial attitudes, confront them and move on to stands side by side with the miserably, violently oppressed in our midst.

All police departments should be under the review of civilian boards who will have the power to investigate abuse, punish abuse and fire those whose actions are clearly criminal. Until then, we’re just pissing up a rope.

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