Police Murders in the US & Solidarity with Nations of Color Under US attack

It now seems daily that we are treated to the latest outrage of cops shooting and killing African American men. The steady drumbeat of murders along with their steady counter drumbeats of the fascist/racist structure of the police departments denying any culpability is distressing in its scope and depth. With the latest murder in S. Carolina the cop who shot the fleeing suspect in the back and the cops partner lied about the incident to make the shooting appear justified. The Police Dept. not only accepted the lying of the two officers but didn’t conduct their own investigation until forced to do so.

It was only until a citizen turned in his video shot from his phone that the police picked up their responsibility, investigated and arrested and charged the officer with murder.

Can anything be taken from this all too often murderous policing? Yes, it seems. The police will lie, invent evidence, withhold evidence and be only moved to doing its job of seeking answers and justice when forced to do so by the people.

To call these police homicides an emergency is to not look back on the history of police violence towards black and brown citizens. This behavior of policing goes all the way back to slave patrols where the local slave owners either volunteered or were by law conscripted to performing a set number of days per month to patrolling local areas in pursuit of run away slaves. That horrendous history lives with us today in the multitude of police murders of generally unarmed black men

All the cover the cops have relied on til now is during a confrontation with a black brother is to yell “gun” and every cop opens fire. The cop then claims rightly, or wrongly, that he saw the suspect with a gun.

Sometimes a gun is planted on a dead suspect, but more often all the officers have to do to avoid prosecution is to say they either saw a gun and opened fire in fear for their lives, or simply state the murdered black man made the office think that he, the officer, was in mortal danger.

These tactics usually work and the cop isn’t investigated further or charged, and certainly rarely tried for the offense of murder.

But the public is slowly coming into the awareness that, yes, the black and brown communities were and are telling the truth about the fascist murderers in uniform that swarm their neighborhoods.

We, white Americans need to stand with our African American brothers and sisters and our Latino brothers and Latino sisters to stop the murderous rampage in their communities. We need to recognize that the police are noting more than fascist occupiers of their neighborhoods and as such, until now, have murdered black and brown brothers with impunity.

I urge all activists to search out your local Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression and actively combat these murderous occupational forces of the political power structure. We need to recognize that if its happening to some, its happening to all.

We need to recognize that this fascist repression of our dark skinned brothers and sisters is confined to the 50 states. Our armies have been at continuous war with those of color across the middle east. Before that in Grenada, Panama and now with Obama declaring that Venezuela is a major threat to the US it looks likely, unless we organize to stop it, a new war in our hemisphere.

The American Racist Fascism is at work at home and abroad. We not only need to reach out to each other here in the US but to other nations of color under the barrage of US military murder. This is both a national and international scourge that must be resisted and ultimately defeated.

We need not only to organize here in the US but we need to reach out to other activists in other beleaguer countries trying to fight off the US imperialist capitalist war machine seeking world wide economic and military hegemony.

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Columnist at American News Report. Pain care activist. Poet, memoirist.
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2 Responses to Police Murders in the US & Solidarity with Nations of Color Under US attack

  1. Mr Daniel F. Maloney says:

    The author is a White Man who grew up in the White suburbs and has no idea what life is about!
    I urge the author to read some Irish-Catholic history and then shut up about slavery in America.
    1% of Southerners owned black slaves,Cherokee Indians owned more.
    I grew up in Pittsburgh’s inner city,a tough existence where black gangs in my high school regularly attack individual White girls/boys from 1958 thru 1962.White Italian and Irish gangs fought back and won.However,blacks stabbed,raped and murdered six White girls ages 14,15 ,16 and 13.{In four years.White students did nothing,but White Inner city gangs continued to attack blacks who started trouble AND BLACKS ALWAYS ROBBED,STABBED AND BEAT the elderly,the crippled an individual Whites and the police did nothing!
    My father’s car was stolen seven times in one year and my friends and I found it on streets three to ten blocks away where the savage blacks existed.
    black Americans are a predatory race and at age 70{at this writing}my life has been destroyed by them.
    They murdered my brother and many White friends of mine who were all alone at the time of death.
    Despite working extremely hard during my life and becoming a multimillionaire as a MONEY MANAGER….I have had four failed spine surgeries/two cervical and six other major surgeries ALL from fighting blacks who repeatedly attacked my parents…who refused to move out of neighborhood.
    My brother and cousin were police officers who were murdered by blacks AS THEY SLEPT!!!
    How dare you write such a cowardly article or blog.you are a coward.and Whites such as you are the reason that black gangs run amok beating White people.
    when the blacks come for you and they will…….you will do nothing1

    • left0089 says:

      You know absolutely nothing about me, especially how I was raised or what I do. You criticisms of me are loaded with inaccuracies about me while you fulminate some of the most rancorous racism I’ve seen here. I will not publish such retrograde racist siblings. Try out the World Net Daily, you’ll be at home with you cohort. There is noting that rings true in what you’ve sludged on my page. Please take your mendacity and peddle it among racist blowhards who will appreciate you melodrama.

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