Yes, 6 dead in Kalamazoo, MI. The bullets carried off have a dozen people.

Six of our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters.


I wonder, is there anything new that can be said about six more dead human beings, humans who came from families, who came from friends.

Six people.

I will not write their names, as predictably, you and I will forget those names, names burned bright in the hearts of loved ones, but a news reel and an editorial for the rest of us. No, I’ll not sully their their names with predictable, stylized grief. No makeshift memorials of flowers and teddy bears.

No. Not this time.


Is 6 too small a number of gun deaths to get worked up about? Is 6 now a routine number? A number not grand enough to grab our attention, to grab our emotions.

Will 6 wanton deaths create a poignant set of editorials from news outlets? From major papers, the editors of which decide what is and is not important enough to land on our doorstep before the morning coffee has brewed to our perfection?

Who were these six people to tumble into our lives? Who are they to be smeared across my computer screen? What right have they to hijack the news cycle when Donald Trump claims the predominant headlines his march to the Republican nomination with his view of guns hanging out of his back pocket.

Should we, in defense of those six, insist that our candidates join all of us in demanding changes to laws governing the sale and possession of guns?

Are we too afraid to stand up and be counted?

Should corporations who benefit from the production of these instruments of death and destruction be left off the hook of responsibility?

Do we have a moral duty to rise up against the cheap gunsels who cry foul every time the rest of us demand something be done to curb this long running catastrophe?

And how do we hold corporations accountable for the deaths that pile up year upon year?

Should we do business with corporations or businesses that don’t ban guns from their premises? From the premises of other businesses and corporations?

Should we demand all businesses post signs forbidding guns on their premises?

Should we demand that all possession of guns in public places be banned? That concealed and open carry of firearms be banned?

Shall we ignore the carnage caused by guns? How about toy guns for the kids? Do we want them insulated from the horror that guns cause daily?

Six people.

Six individuals with lives and plans for the future.


All six dead.

How do we mourn a small group of people who’ve passed into the lore of gun craziness?

Six people loved by those we don’t even know.


We are sick and tired. Sick! We’ve seen too much.


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