In Troy, NY this last week, the American Pain Foundation held its annual Eastern Summit for their volunteer State Leaders of the Foundation’s Action Network. It was three days of presentations and discussions designed to help new leaders learn the fundamentals of advocacy for the over 116 millions Americans who live with chronic pain. It was also a refresher course for more seasoned advocates. It was also a great get-together for the advocates who communicate by email all year, a nice way to stay in touch and launch new initiatives to help people with pain. Most of our advocates are people with pain or caretakers for people with pain.

If you or a loved one or a friend suffer from pain, please contact the American Pain Foundation. We have a wonderfully interactive web site where anyone can access good information about pain and its treatment. One of our best programs is Pain Aid where people with pain or caretakers can connect with and share ideas with each other. We’re easy to find at

I’m a California State Leader and a member of the Foundation’s Pain Community Action Council. We are a small group of leaders who advise the Foundation and its active Board. We make certain that whatever the Foundation or Board puts out to the public always has the interests of the person with pain in the forefront. We field media requests, testify before federal agencies like the Food and Drug Administration and work on state and federal policy. We also testify before the House and Senate and in the legislative bodies in our respective states. One of our main activities is to represent the American Pain Foundation to the public.

Readers can contact the Foundation directly at or by leaving a comment here on my blog. I will respond quickly.

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