My part Jindo dog, Dylan (Quora)

We took in a part Jindo who was on the streets in a central valley city in CA. We drove 3 hours to see him and he was a mess. Frightened, wormy, coughy (kennel) and wary. He spent most of the 1st month under our bed. I would lie on the floor next to the bed and talk with him several times a day. He’d come out for his 3 daily relief walks but right back under the bed. Eventually, he appeared. He’s the most loving, intelligent, funny dog we’ve ever had the luck to own.

He soon became my “Therapy” dog. I have a serious chronic auto-immune disorder that took most of my life away. But when we got “Dylan,” (I’m a poet and one of my favorites was Dylan Thomas so my wife liked the name and it stuck).

I also suffer from a spinal cord injury sustained most likely during an 8-hour spinal surgery. When at my desk writing when we 1st got Dylan, he would lie on the bed behind me and to my left. He very quickly somehow knew when the pain was ratcheting up. He would come to the corner of the bed right behind me and gently lay his right front paw on my shoulder. I grew to learn that this was his signal that he could tell, probably by subtle variations in my posture, that the pain was getting to be too much and I should take a break.

He then learned that from the partial blindness in my left eye to growl or nudge me if I was about to “blindly” step into traffic.

When we are having friends over he rather quickly seeks out the most physically or emotionally vulnerable and sit beside them the entire evening.

He’s accepted at Northwestern Hosp. in Chicago where I’ve been a few times for severe pain problems. My son would bring him to visit and he’d jump up on the bed, snuggle into me as I slept.

We walk 3 or 4 miles daily in and around Lincoln Pk. & we are constantly stopped by people wanting to know more about him or take his picture. Whenever we walk by a baby or toddler and here the child squeal “Doggy” we turn around and allow the child to approach and pet him. It makes our walks wonderful as we interact with so much more people than I would walking alone.

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