How can people with Mental Disorders Become Productive

The best answer I can offer is this: these folks a chance. Whether in designing educational programs or work programs. I realize this has been tried—though mostly abandoned as public funds have been shifted from these programs to either the military or in unjust tax windfalls for the wealthy—in the past and some even survive today.
The best thing we can do for them, ourselves and the rest of society is to protest and work against the kleptocracy capitalism and its attendant wild spending on the military. As our national treasure is consumed by an ever growing military presence around the world—in excess of 700+ military bases across the world—and as this monster metastasizes across the globe the money it sucks up comes directly from maintaining our infra structure, education, medical care, research and social programs that once constituted or security net.
This behemoth is one of the reasons why the sensible social programs like the one I’ve suggested above & once proliferated around our nation are rapidly disappearing. We need to oppose this not only for ourselves but for those among us around whom we as citizens need to rally.

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