I am mentally broke. What should I do?

Yeah, were supposed to be tough guys. It’s quite an unnecessary burden for sure.
But what can you do? Here goes from my experience: Many churches, especially Unitarian-Universalist churches—I know about this group as I’ve been a Unitarian-Universalist on and off for over 45 yrs.—and others that have men’s groups where men can relate to and share themselves with other men.
Mindfully select a friend, male or female and mindfully & carefully begin to reveal the less traumatic aspects of your recent experiences. You’d be surprised how much, when they know what’s happening, they want to help.
Check out community resources for bereavement groups or groups of people living with the reality of a coming death of a loved one, family or friend.
You might also ask your physician for a referral to a therapist who is knowledgeable about terminal illnesses and grief. I do this work and have found those who come in for this type of health do quite well as they stay connected to the sick and or dying family member or friend.

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