What will you do if you are sad? (Quora)

Hold still and feel the sadness; get to know it; don’t push it away; befriend it. This will not only lessen the feeling but will allow the person the time and space to resolve it. By this I mean that the sadness and from where it springs can be safely integrated into the psyche & personality of the person experiencing this most basic of human emotions.

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2 Responses to What will you do if you are sad? (Quora)

  1. dogkisses says:

    I understand this and agree. I used to be able to embrace the sadness in my depression, but I had a garden. I didn’t live with chronic severe pain. Now it’s like the sadness and grief embraced me!

    • left0089 says:

      Sorry to read that. If you aren’t working on this with a therapist now, I urge you to start looking for someone soon. Good luck.

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