How do I know if my problems are real or downplayed by me

How do I know if I subconsciously downplay my problems or if they are real?
Mark Maginn
Mark Maginn, Psychotherapist, poet, memoirist, blogger, (2012-present)
Answered just now
Fascinating question. Not sure, but how about talking over a couple of your problems with a trusted friend and see what feedback you get. If still confused, check in with a licensed psychotherapist and ask for feedback or if present, a diagnosis.

I’m only guessing here, but I suspect that you might not share your problems with others. If you did, you might not be confused about this. If making friends is a possible problem than checking in with your friendly neighborhood psychotherapist might be warranted.

In any event, good luck figuring this out. But really, if your “problems” are not significantly interfering in a major area of your life, such as love relationships, friendships or work, then I wouldn’t be too concerned. If, however, you’re getting feedback from others that you’re missing something, then, again, a trial therapy with a psychotherapist might be in order.

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One Response to How do I know if my problems are real or downplayed by me

  1. Breaking News
    All feelings are 100% reality.
    There are no such thing as nothing wrong – if a person expresses a concern.
    All concern demands 100% clarity.

    In the last century the #1, single worst most deadly and miserable affliction causing people to suffer to death have been solved. In the archives of medicine dating back to antiquity are all of the answers.

    In the last 200 years noble forthright and honorable Medical Scientist cracked a code to expose a mathematical logical equation for human suffering;

    Trials and tribulations of life and living leaves physical scars + mental wounds = human suffering + lots of help = resolve rebuild restore rehabilitate repair for peak performance.

    These Masters of mind-body-spirit healing are Travell, Simons, Rachlin, Gunn, Baldry, Hackett, Helms, Seems, Rapson, Mann, Chiropractic-DO Masters , JJ Palmer et al.

    Once you placed their work in the standards of care on the front lines to be used FIRST in every case, you have a perfect set of “care and cure” options to be deployed in order of 1-2-3.

    The 1:
    RX1 Is a 25 dimensional recipe of daily self care and assisted services help to heal mind and body.
    The 2:
    RX2 are medications and drug combinations helps to heal bugs and Metabolic endocrine disorders along with mental health medications.
    The 3:
    RX3 are surgical options to be deployed to save lives from imminent deadly catastrophic events such as cancer, tumors, aneurysms, and infectious diseases.

    In reality, MDs must always obey and deploy “The 1″ the proper FIRST step – to be able to “FIRST do no harm.” If any one wishes to help or assist a sick or wounded person must ALSO AND ALWAYS follow the simple 1-2-3!

    Notice there is no full or complete, 1 stop place for service to receive RX1 in the standards of care?
    Hysteria is a term conceived our to stupidity.
    The invention of a zero problem, a no care option, all in your head, worker compensation and SSI and disability, blame/shaming those who cry out for help, no real problems or hypochondria is a travesty of inhumanity stupidity.

    The 1, The First and Proper Step to help a sick or wounded person has disappeared – out of existence with the magic of pictures and technology and human natures and vices.

    9.28.40, The first hip replacement for pain ended the reality of The 1.
    Pain is normal felt within the body and the mind.
    There are only 2 pain signal: that of life and that of death.
    Life pain needs RX1.
    Death pain needs RX2 and RX3.
    RX2 or RX3 will not help pain problems of life and are not indicated.
    RX1 cannot save a life from imminent death and is not indicated.
    RX1 – RX2 – RX3 are mutually exculrive and cannot substitute for the other.
    OK to use all 3 but never RX2 – RX3 in place of RX1
    NEVER to think no care ie RX0.
    Never to deploy RX1/2, RX1/8 ONLY a full dose of RX1 is honorable and godly

    There is no such entity as a hip.
    There is no such ability as to be able to see pain with an X-ray or pictures.
    The idea that people are cars with parts is utterly insane – yet acceptable to 99% of MDs and 90% of the society.

    Ortho surgeons w X-ray evidence “dead forensic” to assume “arthritis” to justify amputation of HEALTHY NATURAL AUTO-HEALING bone tissues with a cold dead car part, planting for-profits greedy beliefs “witchcraft” that Men can better FIX God’s Creations like we repair cars!

    Technology allow Physicians to reduce people into images, numbers, digital bits, and cash cows.

    Joint replacement, spinal surgeries or any operative surgical procedure to treat chronic pain is FRAUD because the human body automatically heals with a little help.

    It is valid to remove dead dying and necrotic cancerous tissue but it is not valid to try to treat chronic pain with drugs or knife or NO CARE because it is a natural part of life and living.

    Fast-forward to today and the standards of care allow physicians to attempt to treat mind and body with drugs and knives ergo crimes against humanity.

    At this point the reader should be shocked.

    Life and living cause thousands of real feelings sign and assumptions thus there is NO such thing as NO diseases or “subconsciously downplay my problems!

    What people feel is their personal reality – Allopathic MDs, 1.5 Millions and 50 Million healthcare workers have been deluded and brain washed to down-play the human spirit – for more profits.

    I was a master predatory victimizing my family of patients between 1979-1997, until a little light went off exposing this “bug” for cleaning and removal. It has taken 20 years read, rethink, review, recourse and de-fragment my brain to clear out the poop-poop.

    After the shock of the message – most people will hide or HELP.

    Wow this took me 25 yr be able to put into words – most folk still will not be able to understand because there is no infrastructure within the brain to hold the factual data.