Can sugar cause schizophrenia?

No, Amy, sugar or other substances don’t cause the psychosis of schizophrenia. This serious disorder is the result of very early and repeated failures between a mothering parent and the child. The dislocations start in infancy and repeat over the maturational years of the child.
Usually this starts in the unconscious of the “mothering” parent and is expressed unknowingly as anger, rejection or any of a number of different things that bedevil us as humans.
These “maternal” attitudes are usually quite unconscious and beyond the parents conscious recognition. In a really true sense, their conscious selves are ruled by the unconscious attitudes that would probably appall the parent if confronted directly with these unconscious feelings and ideas.
However, these destructive unconscious feelings and attitudes can and do fall heavily, usually on one unconsciously chosen child leading to the stagnant or destructive parental attitudes that the child needs to defend him or herself against. Often the defense is the bizarre quality of psychosis as the child tries desperately to deal with the terror engendered by the unconscious feelings and attitudes of the parent that often leave the child believing that there very existence is in mortal jeopardy.
Yes, there may be a genetic weakness that can make a child susceptible to the unconscious machinations of a disturbed parent(s) and thus the development of the more ominous psychopathologies, but the real causes of psychosis lie in the relationships within the family and particularly between parents and vulnerable child.

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