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My friend, George Edgerton, died sometime early today. We were brothers to each other and I know how much we will all miss him. George had such great heart and empathy for those who suffered. He was, for me, and I’ll bet others, a beacon of courage, humor and commitment. George and I discovered each other relatively late in life and I will cherish his humor and unselfish care for me and for others. One of his greatest qualities was his ability to empathize with someone suffering: It bled his heart to watch migrant families torn asunder as much as it bled him to know that friends were suffering. Mostly, I’ll remember George’s great heart in reaching out to others who needed a friendly smile or pat on the shoulder. George was the genuine article, he cared, he deeply care for others. I will hold him as a special person who’s life I will try, in many ways to emulate. May his spirit live long in all of us and buoy his wife Sally and his two children and grandchildren.

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  1. Ariel says:

    Hi Mark,
    I may or may not have met you on Wednesday at the Dorothy Day House kitchen in Berkeley. I only met George in Jan. 2011 when I started volunteering at Dorothy Day, but I really really liked him – his patience, smile, sense of humour, liberal views, ability to talk about all kinds of diverse topics from sports to international affairs – and all of that was juxtaposed against the stereotype that I had to continually fight, the stereotype associated with his strong Texas drawl. He was a breathe of fresh air, an interaction that I looked forward to every week, and a great model of civility. I am greatly saddened by his passing, and will miss him whenever I go into Dorothy Day house.

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