Could music therapy help with PTSD or other dissociative disorders?

Yes, it is a good, respected adjunct therapy to the talk therapy that people with PTSD suffer.

Put it this way, when someone has been traumatized their world has become fractured, disjunctive and out of sync. Of course, I’m speaking somewhat metaphorically.

Even though I work almost exclusively with those who are suffering from many forms of PTSD coming from many traumatic backgrounds, I, too suffer from the lingering effects of the disorder. Mine comes from a traumatizing autoimmune disease I’ve struggled with for 50+ years. I have, unfortunately, been traumatized by medical procedures, surgeries, rehab, the usual for someone up against an implaccable foe, my body.

I am under constant medical care and un-care, catastrophic disabilities and the horror of watching my body be attacked regularly. Of course, I am and have been in therapy on and off for years. But I have found, especially in my work, that between appointments, or during time off I listen to a variety of music. I find music, whatever genre, helps me heal the fragmentation that comes from nearly unendurable pain and the knowledge that this little number is always plotting ways to either cause me more pain and disability as well as periodically trying to kill me.

There is something about the beauty of music, its structure and emotion that I find helps me feel whole in the face of not being whole. It is as if the mathematical structure of music helps heal the fragmentation of constant attack and helps me endure the constant uncertainty and, yes, fear.

Does music have a place in healing, oh yes? Right now when I’m really upended I listen to the brilliant emotion of Hilary Hahn’s stirring solo violin. When this disease pisses me off, which it does regularly, I listen to all things, Jack White. And when I’m struggling with the sadness that comes with all this I listen to the agony that comes through David Gilmour’s solos with Pink Floyd.

Yes, music can help us recover and heal.

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