Pope stupidly explains criminality of his gang of Catholic Hierarchy pederasts & their psychopathic defenders.

I had some hope, as a former Catholic, that this pope in his initial year might clean up the criminal behavior within the Catholic Hierarchy.

But he’s announced that the 60s sexual revolution and homosexual cliques are responsible for the criminality of its child sexual abusers.

I”m shocked. Shocked that another witless hack at the pinnacle of one of the worlds largest criminal enterprises is finding idiot explanations for the criminality of his fellow sociopaths that he once proposed to end.

You can’t come from the inside of a criminal organization and change it. Won’t happen, hasn’t and never will happen.

One can only hope that here in the US some prosecutor will find the balls to charge the US Catholic Dons with RICOH and at least dismantle this criminal outfit and turn over the running of the US Catholic Church to parishioners with no ordained priests anywhere.

Support the dismantling of this hideous criminal outfit.

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