I’ve been told that all personality disorders are egosyntonic, and that therefore if I wonder about having BPD I don’t, and should not see a doctor. Is this true?

Ask yourself this, Dan. Would you find the following egosyntonic: afraid that everyone despises your very presence. How about this: you fear close emotional relationships based on the “crazy” closeness that you experienced as a small child. Add to that this; you fear any signs of someone moving away from you emotionally as that signals an abandonment and annihilation that you may not survive. Additionally, suppose that intense emotions can kick you into a state of psychosis from which you fear you may never recover; another form of death. Imagine, if you can, that you wake up every morning and go to sleep every night with this underlying terror: I will be eviscerated and killed.

Imagine all that, Dan, and think about the experience, empathy, and intelligence of those who have told you that this ghastly disorder is “egosyntonic.”

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