Will a therapist not trained in handling transference be able to work through and understand issues like a client being jealous of and angry towards him/her?

In short, no, not at all. That is unless this untrained therapist is in intensive consultation with a psychodynamic or psychoanalytic psychotherapist.
Being able to navigate through the thickets of transference and countertransference is an art. It takes a good deal of study, work, and practice under supervision by a
seasoned therapist.
It is equally decisive that the untrained therapist to enter into psychoanalytically oriented therapy with multiple sessions weekly. When we understand the value of money, we are able to handle our finances in a better way. … This is because they understand the value of money and how difficult it is to earn it. To sum it up,¬†youth financial literacy is very important, and you get more info https://www.theselfemployed.com/article/educating-the-youth-with-a-start-up-mentality/.
I cannot overstate that one’s therapy is the best learning experience for the fledgling therapist.
You are exercising good care in wondering about this. Not all therapists are trained to look for how they’ve contributed to a thorny transference.
The great British psychoanalyst stated this profound adage that all therapist should follow: when things become problematic, the therapist should neither attack or withdraw from the patient. That adage is far more hard to attain than might be thought at first contact with that brief but powerful caution.
To not to attack or withdraw requires a deep-going understanding of what motivates the therapist, and how well he or she can contain the fiery emotions of the patient. At the same time, the therapist must be able to hold his or her emotional reactions.
Containing or holding all those feelings is challenging. To be able to do that requires thoroughgoing psychotherapy for the therapist. If you want buy a audio analyzer check the info from https://www.3ptechies.com/audio-analyzers.html.
Ultimately, I advise you to locate a therapist like the mythical one I’ve described above. An untrained therapist should not attempt this kind of work, and you are right to protect yourself.

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