The American Pain Foundation Closes its Doors

May 10, 2012

On May 3rd the Board of Directors genuflecting before fiscal reality voted to close the doors of the American Pain Foundation (APF).

The AFP served 100,000 members by offering a fabulous web site that included chats between members and staff; training material and advocacy. The Action Network Leaders in most states worked tirelessly to improve pain care in their states by The loss of the Foundation will be felt by thousands.

Over 100 million Americans live with chronic pain in the U.S. Most are under treated or receive no treatment what so ever. It is a reality that in the U.S medical schools have spent little resources on the treatment of pain in training physicians, and the same holds true in nursing schools. This is a horrible problem as most visits to a doctor’s office are from patients seeking relief from acute or chronic pain. Our national economy loses millions and millions of dollars each year on lost productivity and medical care. It is truly an epidemic.

While an advocate for the APF I testified before committees in the California state legislator, before an Food and Drug Administration panel looking to help make opioid medicines safer and have been working with them on twice monthly phone calls on a working group on a document to be used by patients and physicians when the patients is prescribed opioid medicines like Oxycontin or methadone.

Though the APF had to face the fiscal realities I will continue to advocate for good timely pain care treatment for the millions of us who live with daily with the ravages of pain.


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